Book Publishers – Individual Accounts
People who work for a book publisher, such as editors, publicists and sales managers.

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@adamrochkind adamrochkind


@agatamontoya Agata Mrva-Montoya

Archaeologist turned editor @SydneyUniPress interested in the impact of new technologies on scholarly publishing, editing & books in general. RT ≠ E


@ami_with_an_i Ami Greko

Goodreads’ book marketing strategist. Zinester. Taco fan. Unicorn booster. agreko AT


@amscheff Angela Scheff

Wife, mom, freelance publishing specialist.


@andkelly Andrew Kelly

Once Fitzroy-based publisher, now Clifton Hill, who still drinks too much coffee due to the quality of the local brews.


@angelajames Angela James

Editorial Director, Harlequin Carina Press. Expert in editing, digital publishing, books,romance, martini recipes & shoes. Inexpert opinions on everything else.


@AnnKingman Ann Kingman

Sales geek for Random House. Podcaster at Books on the Nightstand. I talk about books all day and get paid for it. And no, I can’t get you a book deal.


@apackard Amy Packard Ferro

Communications professional who loves social media and event planning. Also a Mommy, yogini, foodie, and bad reality tv junkie!


@ahrinehart Amy Rinehart

Book Publisher | Author | Consultant | Loves to play outdoors, garden, cook, read, hang with family & dogs & kitty. |


@BenDawe Ben Dawe

General Manager ACER Press


@auguste7 W.A. Auguste

Tech savvy publicist/marketer with a knack for promoting consumer goods.


@barbarfriendish Barbara Friend Ish

Writer, publisher, slave of cats.


@bkratchtech Brittney Kleinfelter

Digital Marketing @Intralinks from 9-5. Team Leader @newyorkcares, Youth Mentor @heartshare & marathoner from 5-9. Opinions = own.



Practical Marketing Advice and Techniques for Writers, Authors, Publishers, Agents and Booksellers, with your hosts @DTWebguy and @AlasdairStuart.


@bsandusky Brett Sandusky



@Candace_OLBooks Candace Davenport

Create Mystery. Create Poetry. Create Business. Find your inner muse with YOUR little book. We publish fun, inspirational and educational little books.


@castironowl Castiron aka SLC

Professional data wrangler and book pusher; amateur crafter


@chapmanchapman Ryan Chapman

Secret handshakes between literature & technology. Worked at @AtavistBooks, @FSGbooks, & @PenguinPress.


@chriswebb Chris Webb

Director, Business Development and Partnerships at John Wiley & Sons – Knows too much about Star Wars, buys his kids toys so he can play with them.


@CJFowles Cynthia Fowles

Director of Rights and Publicity at Inner Traditions, Bear & Co. – 35th Anniversary


@clarehitchens Clare Hitchens

Publicist for scholarly press. Books and music, music and books. Parent of 4, including young man with Down syndrome. Committed to inclusive life/work/school.


@crgc Charles Catton

Publishing Manager @ Amber Books Ltd, although all tweets here are my own opinions, etc, mostly on digital publishing.


@crissyb65 Crissy Brashear

Awesome authors Mason Bundschuh and John Palisano. I call Mason, Capwell.


@DanGamber Dan Gamber


@cincindypat Cynthia Shannon

books, publishing, literary stuff. lives in SF, works @goodreads. tweets are my own.


@ColleenLindsay Colleen Lindsay

Professional nerd. Publishing optimist. Former cat herder. Sartorial tragedy. Random Penguin. Marketing, Social Media & Reader Experience at @PenguinUSA.


@DaniellePoiesz Danielle Poiesz

Reader, writer, editor, blogger, business owner, tea drinker, cat wrangler, pool shark, and hopeless romantic.


@davidmoldawer David Moldawer

I head the Money & Life channel at CreativeLive. I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, with my wife and son.


@DavidRozansky David Rozansky

Publisher, Flying Pen Press. Also a writing coach, author’s business manager,author of forthcoming Fishnets & Platforms: The Writers Guide to Whoring Your Book.


@Davulis Laura Davulis

Making books and taking names.


@DeniseOswald Denise Oswald

!t Books Editrix. Serial Comma Enthusiast. Hasty typist. Atrocious speller. Unrepentant potty mouth.


@dickmansfield Dick Mansfield

Birds in Vermont, New England, and the Southwest. Digiscopes and blogs about birding, Airstreaming, travel.


@draccah Dominique Raccah

independent book publisher. entrepreneur. Sourcebooks. fascinated/inspired (maybe even possessed) by digital transformation of the book


@DonLinn Don Linn

Director, Chicago Distribution Center at University of Chicago Press, Book Lover,General ne’er-do-well. Views here are my own.


@dougmillison doug millison

Writer, artist, editor, collaborator


@diybookgirl Sarah Yu

Ex-pro cheerleader turned book publicist…Need a biz or legal expert for interviews and comments? I’m your girl.


@EditMeThis Kelli Collins

EC Senior Editor; rambling rose; cool customer; Browncoat; Whovian. I dig erotic horror, tacos, tattoos and hair dye. ‘Sup?


@editsbooks Barbara Dycus

Acquires and edits books.


@edwinalui Edwina Lui

Just figuring things out, one use case at a time.


@eekottke Erin Kottke

Publicity Director @GraywolfPress. Best slow dancer in the universe.


@iSkip Skipper Kim

I am a book publicist @NewWorldLibrary and a passionate promoter of the mind, body, spirit benefits of skipping for fun and fitness.


@jamesoreilly James O’Reilly

Editor & Publisher, Travelers’ Tales/Solas House


@jcheiffetz julia cheiffetz

Editorial Director @amazon. @randomhouse @harpercollins alum. Board member of @girlsclubny. Mom to Madeline.


@jcsimonds Jacqueline Simonds

Book shepherd, author The Self-Publisher’s FAQ (available September), beagle lover and wild woman.


@ElleAndraWarner Elle Andra-Warner

Canadian Author, Journalist, Columnist and Photographer (Estonian heritage)


@elleinthecity Ellen Gerstein

Marketer with a passion for social media | Always in search of a good book | Lover of all things nerdy


@ennuiclaire claire wachtel

wife, mother, book-editor and knee-jerk liberal democrat


@erictreynolds erictreynolds

Editor/Publisher, Hadley Rille Books. Member of SFWA.


@FredRamey FredRamey

Rethinking all of it … except the curry part.


@GGoldsmith Gretchen Goldsmith

President/CEO, Rose Publishing, a Christian publishing company for full-color easy-to-use Bible charts, timelines, maps, and Bible study material.

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