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@tometraveller tometraveller

Independent book reviewer, Serious reader


I like to read & talk abt books – and my family! Member NBCC since 10/2008; involved wWNBA Boston chapter. These are MY thoughts; also tweet as @concordBookshop


Book nerd. Blogging nerd. You can talk nerdy to me. Co-founder of TLC Book Tours. Passionate about natural birth and breastfeeding.


@VeronicaTx veronica jones


@vesselproject The Vessel Project

Sharing the best free & discount Christian books for your Kindle. Big lists of deals everyday. #readthegoodstuff // posts prepared by @keikihendrix


@WayneHurlbert Wayne Hurlbert

Blogger, social media, SEO consultant, speaker, business book reviewer, Blog Business Success host on BlogTalkRadio


@WeBeReading Kristen M.

Reader, book blogger (5+ yrs), library volunteer, music lover, baker, beach bum, ocean/animal advocate, big sister, wife, mom. Creator of #dwjmarch.


@stevecunningham Steve Cunningham

Founder @Readitforme. On a never-ending journey to build a remarkable business and lead a remarkable life. Tweeting about the things I’m learning along the way.


@writeforareader Shelly Burns

Elementary school Principal, Book Reviewer, Blogger


@rebeccacoffey Rebecca coffey

Science Journalist & Humorist. Contributor: Scientific American, Discover. Author: Nietzsche’s Angel Food Cake & Other Recipes for the Intellectually Famished.


I love to read and blog about romance novels. My favorite heroes are blind, scarred or wounded. My sister @CaptainYarr; My new travel blog @iTravelGoTravel


@RonCharles Ron Charles

Editor of Book World at The Washington Post.


@nytimesbooks New York Times Books

Book reviews, news, author profiles, interviews and more on books from The New York Times. (Tweets by @johnwilliamsnyt)


Cranky mom, capitalist, book lover.


@paperhaus Carolyn Kellogg

LA Times staff writer covering books and publishing.


@RaganJay Location 2571

Wife, mother, and blogger with an affinity for romantic fiction.


@ruthdfw ruthdfw

Social Media Vice President 4 @SocialMediaDel – Newspaper Editor at @NDGEditor. Interests: gardening, books, foodie and travel.


@sandiek1 Sandie K

CIO, reader, sports lover, love to review books!


@TelegraphBooks Telegraph Books

Books and literature news and reviews from The Telegraph


@temppatt Tempestt

writer/reviewer of books, music, sports, video games, NY events & products contributor to various websites Instagram & Tumblr: temppatt


@TezMillerOz Tez Miller

Reader. Reviewer. Blogger. Urban fantasy & futuristic. I speak English well. I learned it from a book. Like to read ninja, cyborgs, bionics, cryonics, asylums.


@sfsignal SF Signal (John D.)

A group science fiction blog. 2012 – 2013 Hugo Award winner for Best Fanzine. Awww yeahhh…


@SJKessel Simon Kessel


@skrishna Swapna

I like books, craft beer, outer space, and my Little Free Library. I write about books at my blog, Book Riot, Bloggers Recommend, and The MindHut.


@SmartBitches Sarah Wendell

I’m Sarah Wendell from Smart Bitches, I like Trashy Books


@LiteraryMinded Angela Meyer

writer (Captives, Inkerman & Blunt), lit journo, editor (The Great Unknown, Spineless Wonders). Tweets on: books, movies, vintage, green, whisky, Bowie, absurd


@LitHousewife Jennifer Conner

Book blogger, audiobook geek, co-founder of #ArmchairAudies, founding member of the Bloggers Recommend Advisory Board, expat Michigander living in VA, PMP.


@jenforbus Jen Forbus

Animal lover, plant grower, book reader, yarn crafter, and above all, follower of the golden rule.


@jkimmelf Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

Author of Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Illustrated Children’s Book, blogger, book reviewer, & proud parent! Come visit me on my site:


@josephsreviews Joseph Arellano

No. California book reviewer


@JustOneMoreBook Andrea Ross of JOMB

A Podcast about the children’s books we love and why we love them — author, illustrator, literacy expert interviews; reviews


Book blogger & cat lover


I love reviewing…if you have any reviews you want done…tours or giveaways then I’m your gal!


@latimesbooks L.A. Times Books

Literary news and reviews from the @latimes’ Jacket Copy blog and Books section. See for more streams.


@LitLesbian Literally Lesbian

Lesbian Book Reviewer, Writer, Reader, Editor and generally manic entrepreneur


@lizzieskurnick Lizzie Skurnick

Read that too. YA heyday, THAT SHOULD BE A WORD. No, it doesn’t make any sense.


@mathitak Mark Athitakis

Bylines in @VQR, @tnr, @StribBooks, @bnreviewer, @wcp, etc; @bookcritics board member. RTs = rehearsals for the return of the Dubious Achievement Awards.


@readysteadybook Mark Thwaite

Writer, editor of


@MsBookish Belle Wong

Avid reader. Writer. Creativity & productivity junkie. Art dabbler. Foodie. Columnist at @reellifejane. Also tweet about learning fun at @learnplayfun.


@myfriendamy myfriendamy

Books. TV. Sports. Whatever else is on my mind.


@MysteryBooksEd Edie @ Mystery Books

Avid mystery book reader and reviewer; Mystery Books Editor @ BellaOnline


@npbooks National Post Books

The National Post’s books blog; maintained by @itsmarkmedley, the newspaper’s Books Editor.


@mawbooks Natasha @ Maw Books

Book reviewer, blogger, SAHM to two small boys, Master Gardener and photographer.


@mlberry Mike Berry

San Francisco Chronicle Book Columnist. Custom Pubs/MarCom Editor. Cheap Ironist.


@minibookexpo minibookexpo

FREE books for bloggers & readers. Claim it – Read it – Blog it! The 3rd year of Mini Book Expo for Bloggers. Books for Bloggers from Cdn publishers.


@mommymystic Lisa Erickson

Teacher/writer on meditation, chakras, energy healing, & spirituality, with emphasis on women’s energetics. Also a blogger & BellaOnline Buddhism editor. Peace!


@genrelibrarian Diana Tixier Herald

Love mi familia, genre fiction, our earthship, teen readers, off-grid life. I write books about books, articles about readers’ advisory, and now, fiction.


@GenreReviewer Genre Reviewer

I review genre novels and nonfiction books on what life is like in other cultures, religions, and historical eras.


@ChristFocus ChristFocus, Debbie

I review nonfiction Christian books that focus on Christ or that help readers to better understand the Bible.


@CindyLoveOfBook cindyloveofbook

Avid Reader, book blogger & reviewer. Always looking for books 2 review and products to test. Come check out my blog.

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