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@1106Design Michele DeFilippo

Owner of book design firm and dreadful player of acoustic folk guitar. Author of Publish Like the Pros: A Brief Guide to Quality Self-Publishing.


@adamhodgkin Adam Hodgkin

Publisher and then web publisher. With Oxford University Press until 1989. Founded or co-founded: Cherwell Scientific Publishing, xrefer, and Exact Editions


@AppingoSally AppingoSally

Love making books. Love being a Mom. Love working from home.


@Apt_Words Sue Littleford

Copy editor and online bookseller. Bibliophile and logophile. Advanced member of the SfEP.


@AuthorTech Author Tech Tips


@AverillB Averill Buchanan

Freelance editor. Advanced Member of SfEP. Tweet about publishing, editing, writing, books and cats. Trying to cut down on sentences starting with ‘So’.


@beingwicked Being Wicked

We design and develop websites, applications and casual games for authors and publishers. We love books!


@BelieversPress BelieversPress

Publish Your Way – Publish with BelieversPress or custom build your ideal self-publishing model from a full suite of professional publishing services.


@BiblioCrunch BiblioCrunch

Online platform that brings together authors and quality book publishing professionals to create better books. Join us for #indiechat Tuesdays at 9pm EST


@bibliovault BiblioVault

A scholarly book repository


Christian husband and father providing book covers, illustrations, editing, book trailiers, author trailers, and more.


@BookEditorLM Laurel Marshfield

I Help Authors (Nonfiction Fiction Memoir) Develop Their Books 4 Publication Offer: Developmental Editing Ghosting CoAuthorship Bookcoaching Free Initial Call


@booker2 Richard

Tweets about books, publishing, POD publishing, Internet marketing.


@bookmidwife Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Speaker, Author, Book Coach & multi-award-winning Thought Leadership Strategist. Has created 500+ thought leaders & published authors! Will YOU be next?


@BookNet_Canada BookNet Canada

BookNet Canada builds technology solutions that make it easier for Canadians to promote and sell books. Follow us for book industry news and BNC updates.


@BookStream BookStream

Independent Wholesaler for Independent Booksellers


@bradUK Brad Scott

Digital/online publishing consultant in Sussex, UK


@brianoleary Brian O’Leary

Content whisperer


@carteredit Kathy Carter

Freelance editor specializing in nonfiction books.


@ChameleonRoss Ross Miles

I’m an Online Marketing Analyst, working for a full service digital communications agency, Chameleon. Any views expressed on here are my own.


@clarepainter Clare Painter

I help publishers & content owners to get more from their digital copyrights: more sales; really effective commercial terms; more opportunities. Fluent Italian.


@clintgreenleaf Clint Greenleaf

Founder of Greenleaf Book Group, CEO of Pigs and Bricks, Bambino Balls, entrepreneur, TV guest, CPA, husband and father of 3, trained with USMC


@ConsortiumBooks Consortium Books

Where Independent Publishers Live


@cosproductions cosproductions

Social Networking and Book Addict! I am the CEO of COS Productions, and own the trademark to the term book trailer! Exec. Prod. of


@cpdavey Chris Davey

Stay-at-home editor dad (copyediting, substantive editing, 1st-grader editing). Former professional page turner to famous pianists.


@curt_matthews Curt Matthews

I am CEO of Independent Publishers Group (IPG) and of Chicago Review Press, and past president of IBPA.


@danwagstaff Daniel Wagstaff

Online Marketing Manager at @RaincoastBooks. Occasional @casualoptimist. All opinions are the coffee talking.


@DavidGargaro David Gargaro

Consulting Editor. Writing. Editing. Consulting. Project management. Reader. Father/husband.


@discoverbowker Speedy Bank

Getting a Getaway off This while i’m Gaining $400 each day earning a living using the internet . These aspirations actually came up perfect.


@dmargulis dick margulis

producer of top-quality books for discerning publishers and authors


@DusiaEditor Audra Gorgiev

Professional freelance editor/proofreader since 2000 (copy, line, substantive, & technical editing)


@dwilk David Wilk

independent book producer, marketer, theorist, consultant to content owners; websites include,,


@EInspirations April Michelle Davis

Editorial Inspirations provides exceptional editing, indexing, and proofreading services to both publishers and authors.


@ebrenner Erin Brenner

An editor who is surprised to find she is also a writer. A dyed-in-the-wool New Englander and all-around language maven.


@ecolibris Raz Godelnik

Assistant Professor of Strategic Design & Management @SDSParsons, co-founder of Eco-Libris, writes for @triplepundit on innovation, sustainability & business.


@electricbook Electric Book Works

Electric Book Works develops and incubates new and better ways to publish in emerging markets. Tweets by @arthurattwell.


@EssentialWorks Essential Works

Essential Works is a literary production company. We create books.


@FaithProofing Faith Williams

Freelance Proofreader and Copy Editor working with Indie Authors, making stories shimmer & shine. In my non-working hours, I’m most likely reading something!


@FernReiss FernReiss

Publishing/publicity PublishingGame dotcom Expertizing dotcom Breast Cancer Checklist book ASJA Harvard I tweet #publishing #publicity #breastcancer #Israel


@filedby FiledBy

Every author has a free website on FiledBy, the leading comprehensive directory of authors, illustrators and photographers on the web.


@ftoolan Fran Toolan

living at the intersection of book publishing and technology


@Georgetownbooks Georgetown Booklab

A faculty advising office for university press book and academic journal publishing, Carole Sargent, Ph.D., Director. (We’re not Georgetown University Press.)


@gkliewer Gary Kliewer

Gardens, bugs, dogs, maybe some chickens. Antiquarian natural history books. Acoustic music, poetry in the kitchen, and friends to share it.


@Greg_Freed Greg Freed

Greg Freed heads eBook production and distribution at RosettaBooks; he’s an advice giver and educator where possible, student where not.


@GreenleafBookGr Greenleaf Book Group

Publisher and distributor serving independent authors and small presses


@GreyEditing Sarah Grey

I’m a freelance writer, editor, and indexer of social and political texts as well as fiction. I share writing, style/grammar, and lefty political links. #binder


@Hadrien Hadrien Gardeur

Founder of Feedbooks and tea addict. Oh and music geek.


@HelpMePublish Tamara Dever

Owner, TLC Graphics/Narrow Gate Books. Full-service, award-winning book design/publishing development firm w/Biblical values.


@indexellis Ruth Ellis

Indexer, specialising in science and food – recipe books, ethics, history, technology. Keen home cook – often found in the kitchen. Admin @indexers


@IndexerRose01 Rose Ippolito

Indexer specializing in religious texts. Winner 2013 Small Business Book Awards. Judge San Diego Book Awards. Remote contractor for Alexander Street Press.

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