Subsidy Publishers
Companies that charge a fee to publish a book: subsidy publishers, vanity publishers, “self-publishing” companies.

@authorsolutions Author Solutions

Author Solutions, LLC is the world leader in supported #selfpublishing. 170,000+ authors have #selfpublished with an Author Solutions core or partner imprint.


@BookPros BookPros

Full-service publisher empowering independent authors.


@BrownBooks Brown Books

Brown Books is a full-service, independent #publisher committed to producing high quality, award-winning #books—A New Era in Book Publishing


@cosimobooks cosimobooks

A speciality publisher for independent authors, not-for-profit organizations and innovative businesses. Helping readers worldwide to Be Inspired, Be Informed.


@GregIoannou Greg Ioannou

Freelance writer and editor; publisher at Iguana Books and owner of Colborne Communications. 1 wife, 2 kids, 2 cats. Ornery.


@Iguana_Books Iguana Books

Professional quality e-publishing for everyone!


@InspireABook Julie Salisbury

Hybrid Independent publisher that excels at publishing books that create a company. Influence


@OutskirtsPress Outskirts Press

Offering full-service self-publishing and book marketing solutions for writers. You keep 100% of your rights, 100% of your profits, and 100% of the control.


@Publish_StLouis IPC Saint Louis

IPC helps authors wanting the ownership & personal control that comes with Self Publishing. Whatever your project, we can help you make your book a reality!


@SandyDunwoody Sandy Dunwoody

Marketing Communications Specialist | IU and @IUMastersInPR Alum | Christ-follower | Lover of all things Indy!


@schieldenver schieldenver


@SilverWoodBooks Helen Hart

Bookworm & Marmite-lover, author of 9 novels (OUP, Scholastic, HarperCollins), HNS Indie reviewer, publisher & self-publishing adviser, ALLi Partner Member.


@Skoobebooks Skoobebooks

Online Bookstore for Self Publishing Authors. Publish your book with us and get it on sale in the online book store. You write it. We sell it.


@Wheatmark Wheatmark Publishing

Publisher | Books | Authors | Book Marketing | Author Platform | Book Publishing | Authors Academy |


@terrywhalin Terry Whalin

Acquisitions Editor, Author, Communications Expert, Information Marketer. I love to help writers. Let me know how I can help YOU!

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